PODCAST: Graham Fink. (Part 1.)

It’s the word that comes to mind every time I think about writing one of these intros.
What seems familiar today was once considered very left-field, risky or just plain crazy.
Each pushes the peanut along for the next generation.
Take the 1988 D&AD Annual, it’s hard to believe now, but all but one ad in the press and poster section had black headlines, the one that didn’t was Graham Fink’s Metropolitan Police campaign.
I was a generation behind Graham, so watched from afar as he and his writer  Jeremy Clarke tried to push the peanut forward.
They made ads taking the piss out of other ads, (Hamlet), they got England’s Cricket Captain to stick two fingers up to the establishment after being arrested for smoking dope, (Hamlet again), and they were the first to blow a million pounds on the production of a single tv ad, (B.A.).
I had a great chat with ‘Finky’, hope you enjoy it.

COLLETT DICKENSON PEARCE.'For The First' Dunn & Co, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg 'Igloo' B&H Long, Graham Fink & Jeremy Clarke, CDP-01.jpg'Sheep'' Newcastle Brown Ale, Graham Fink & Jeremy Clarke, CDP-01.jpg'Who Wants' Radio Rentals, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg'Take The Hiss' Radio Rentals, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg'Catch Out' Radio Rentals, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg
The Horry incident:

'Chopped' B&H Long, Graham Fink & Jeremy Clarke, CDP-01.jpg'Fold' B&H Extra Long, Graham Fink, CDP-01.jpg 'Bees', Poster, B&H, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg'Dummies, Poster, B&H, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg'Venus' Rough, B&H, Graham Fink, CDP*-01.jpg'Venus' Poster, B&H, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg'Shavings' Poster, B&H, Graham Fink, CDP.jpgpict0109'T.V's' Poster, B&H, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg'Wolves' B&H, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg

'Advent Pt 2', Graham Fink & Jeremy Clarke, CDP.jpg'Advent Pt 1', Graham Fink & Jeremy Clarke, CDP.jpg

'-19' Land Rover, Graham Fink & Jeremy Clarke, CDP-01.jpg

'Bothan' Hamlet, Graham Fink, CDP.jpg'The Reason' Granary, Graham Fink, CDP-01.jpg'A Close Look' Granary, Graham Fink, CDP-01.jpg_25850_5_c6312aaee6faad25c201b2875300c310.jpg'Now They' Granary, Graham Fink, CDP-01.jpg

WIGHT COLLINS RUTHERFORD SCOTT.'At Every Service'' BMW, Graham Fink & Jeremy Clarke, WCRS.jpg


'If She Isn't Brook Street, Graham Fink, CDP-01.jpgSilk Cut 'Stanley Knife'.jpgPSYCHO.jpgSilk Cut 'Birds:Worm'.jpgSilk Cut 'Snow Plough'.jpg

'B.A. Rough' Graham Fink, Saatchi & Saatchi.jpgunnamed-11.jpg

'Flat Iron' British Airways, Graham Fink & Jeremy Clarke, CDP-01.jpg



9 responses to PODCAST: Graham Fink. (Part 1.)

  1. Stan says says:

    Been reading the Saatchi book Chutzpah & Chutzpah, in which Fink features. Great listen and great selection of his work too.

  2. Diane Croll says:

    This was terrific – Graham so laid back and eloquent and you the best interviewer. Can’t wait for part 2. Thank you!

    • dave dye says:

      Thanks Di, you were a great listener. (Oh, and Kirsty says hello.) Dx

  3. Rick says:

    Dave, appreciate you’re a very busy man but please, hurry up with part 2.
    I love hearing all Finky’s stories.
    Every day I get on the train in Chicago hoping for a new podcast and you’re killing me at the moment.
    Just stop whatever you’re doing and get him back in the booth, please.
    Between you and Ben, you’re my only link back to the good world of advertising.

  4. Ross Brodie says:

    That anchor advert brings back memories. Cows doing headers and volleys. Love it.

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