PODCAST: Me. (Pt. 1)

A lot of people have suggested that I do a podcast on myself.
Aside from the obvious difficulties of trying to ask yourself probing questions, it
felt a little bit indulgent, particularly as I did a whole series of them with my friend Ben Kay, (I think we recorded more episodes than the latest season of Game Of Thrones).
But when someone who’s kindly agreed to be interviewed by me asks me to be interviewed by them, it feels rude to say no.
Especially when it’s Ben Priest.
So here goes.

Ben was a man after my own heart, he wanted to see absolutely everything.
Sadly for Ben, I sent him absolutely everything, (nearly a terabyte’s worth of ads, pitches, rejects, scans and all manner of ephemera from the last thirty years).
I also found being the victim was educational.
I learned that I prefer asking to answering questions.
When you are asking you are driving the bus, when you’re sitting in the opposite chair you’re the passenger, you go where you’re driven, sometimes places you don’t like.

I also discovered that putting out old, rejected, sometimes bad work isn’t as easy as I thought it was.
I always insist on interviewees digging up ‘their whole journey’, because it’s truthful and educational, but when it’s your bad work it’s harder.
(But I did it, don’t worry, there’s a lot of crap included.)

So, thanks again Ben.
Oh, and good luck with your new life, I hope Lawn Green Bowling and doing the bingo on Mediterranean Sea Cruises brings you as fulfilment as advertising has.

p.s. I’ve tried to dump as much ephemera as I could find in this post, not because it’s particularly fascinating, more because it allows me to believe it was worth holding onto.

(Or, to be precise; unemployed )
Dave Dye Photo.jpg
Initially, I’d just jot down random, one-off thoughts.
Gradually I started to get together campaigns, neatly coloured-in campaigns.
Country Living, 'Working Lunch', roughCountry Living, 'Stock Market', roughCountry Living 'Rush Hour' Rough-01Sony 'Own Experience', StudentSony 'Magical State' studentBecks, 'Meet Arthur' rough, studentBecks, 'On Tuesdays', rough, studentBecks, 'This is Vern', rough, studentI’d send these ads, hand drawn in A4 envelopes to any company that appeared to be remotely creative; ad agencies, design companies, illustrators agents, etc.
I was clueless.
The responses were surprisingly consistent.
I think that’s a genuine 1984 tear stain on this one.the_poulter_11_12_1984sutherland_10_1984st_james_19_2_1985smedley_mcalpine_11_3_1985redheads_6_12_1984primary_colours_9_11_1984ogilvy_8_8_1983monitor_4_10_1984hta_16_8_1983holmes_knight_20_12_1984gregory_ellis_7_3_1985fitch_13_8_1983benton&bowles_26_10_1984smedley_mcalpine_12_3_1985
In desperation, I wrote a new cover letter.
Like the best communication, it was based on a truth; I didn’t know these people, I didn’t know people like these people so I didn’t have a clue how I should be addressing these people.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.58.20.png
Rejections were replaced by invitations to come in and chat.
Exactly the same work, different cover note.
millest_brooks_11_2_1985 copy

The letter lead to an interview that lead to me being offered a bit of ‘work experience’, placements weren’t a thing in those days.
During the two weeks, I worked on a brief for some ideas for Media Week article; ‘What kind of ads will Vets do if the law changes and allows them to advertise?’.
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 11.16.58.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-06 at 11.17.09.png
The Creative Director, Barry Brooks liked my ideas and presented them on to the magazine.
One was printed in the magazine, Barry let me stay another month.Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 11.17.57.png
In that month I wrote a commercial for a pink gunge called Hippopotamousse.
I say wrote, I drew a storyboard full of images of hippos synchronised swimming, directly ripped off Disney’s Fantasia.
It got made, and got me an a three month extension.
Unfortunately, all I have is this cell from the animators; Pizzazz!hippopotamousse:Dave Dye:BLB_cartoon
I spent three months working on trade ads, house ads and anything else the proper creatives didn’t want to do.

Findus - Best Pieces-01Findus - Spneless Haddock-01Findus Whitebait-01
A bad idea executed badly.
Everything is drawn except the cutlery.
When I put it together the Account Man, Ken McCrea, said ‘you should leave the edges in, where the painting stops, otherwise you won’t know it’s painted’.
I ignored him, thinking it looked scruffy.
Hotpoint:Dave Dye395

After three years of BLB I was fired.
I camped out at a new agency set up by a guy who said I had potential, Brian Stewart.
Whilst working in the loft of of their Noho town house, Barry Smith and Brian presented a poster I’d written that I really liked.
Good news: The Observer bought it.
Bad news: As a radio ad.
The Observer 'G'Night John Boy' Radio Script**.jpg
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise; it got into that years D&AD Annual, (1989), my first ever award.

CROMER TITTERTON.cromer_26_8_1986
Three months after being fired by BLB, I was offered a job by GGT exile and Milk Chocolate heir Jan Van Mesdag.
Brian Stewart had recommended I team up with a writer called Alastair Wood, so I did. Because we’d combined our books, and Alastair’s was better than mine, I was paid nearly double what I’d been paid only three months earlier.
'Like It Says' Motor Cycle News, Cromer Titterton.jpg87.-Illustration-1.jpg
We did a few Creative Circle Bronze winning ads and tried to get briefs for free jobs that allowed us a bit more creative freedom.Cromer&co 19.11.89

First Alastair was fired, then a couple of months later I followed him out of the door.
(Jan, what happened?)

I was reunited with my old BLB writer Kieron Simpson, sadly no longer with us, my Creative Director was John Hegarty’s long-term writer at Saatchi’s and then TBWA, Chris Martin, a lovely, talented guy.
Are-Your-The-Lighting-industry-EMT.jpg'Does 90%' The Lighting industry, EMTNot-Tonight-The-Lighting-industry-EMT.jpg

Well, Publicis International, a big difference at the time, it was the Rolla Cola to the main agency’s Coca Cola.
I’d hooked up with a great new writer, Mike McKenna, but the creatives in the main agency wouldn’t talk to us, we were in the ‘International Boys’, we were on the floor below working on accounts like Intel, Dim and Dan Air.
An IPA poster Mike and I had done got into the D&AD Annual a month after we’d joined, maybe those creatives on the floor above will accept us now?

'Pencils' IPA.jpg
I did the campaign below with art director Derrick Hass and then model-maker, now world famous artist Ron Mueck. (I bet it’s not on his site today?)
Eventually, Mike and I got merged into the main Creative Department, allowing us to work on a wider range of briefs.In an effort to win awards and get noticed by the agencies we really wanted to work at, we offered our services free to anyone who’d give us a free hand.

This little freebie job got us a Gold at Cannes, although in those days a gold at Cannes was less preferable than a bronze at Creative Circle. Really.

A good step up, I also got to work for Brian Stewart again who I’d known from Elgie Stewart Smith, a great, under-recognised art director, who’d helped me out a lot.
Two months in I get a call from the best agency in town.
It was difficult, I’d only been there 3 months, Brian had personally twisted arms to get me and Mike there, I felt guilty resigning and for leaving Mike.
Brian insisted I write a list of the two agencies pros and cons, which we’d discuss over the road at the pub.
In truth, there was a gulf between the two agencies, but guilt made me present it as a closer call.


Mark Denton told me it was all the extra curricular activities Mike and I had done that had got me the job. (Good lesson there.)

'Wear With Pride' Terrence Higgins Trust, SPDC&J 2-01.jpgAfter a year Chris Palmer and Mark Denton were fired.
Tony Barry had just resigned to Tim Delaney to come to Simons Palmer to work with me.
Not knowing what was happening post Chris and Mark, and feeling miffed that they’d taken my great bosses away, I suggested we go there instead.
Tony talked to Tim, a meeting was arranged, Tm offered me a job.
It all felt a bit informal, so I asked Tim whether there was any paperwork or proof I had a job, he laughed incredulously, picked up a piece of paper on his desk and scribbled this.

I went through a lot of writers there.
(Which, in retrospect, was great, you learn a lot from each partner you work with; the way they think, they way they were trained at their last agencies and you get a whole new batch of film, music and cultural references.)
I spent the first year with Tony.

BBC Panorama, 'Dollar', Rough-01BBC Panorama 'Same state' roughBBC Panorama %22Bart Simpson%22-06

Dave Hieatt.

Adidas - Life* rough -01Will Awdry.
I also worked on my own for a while.'Just To (Rough)' Adidas, Running, Leagas Delaney'Just To' Adidas, Running, Leagas Delaney, DPS
I then got together with Sean Doyle, who I’d spent the next ten years and three agencies with. Clear Plan, One Step, 'Creative', Leagas Delaney-01Clear Plan, One Step, 'Finally', Leagas Delaney-01
I was made Head of Art.
A big change, instead of competing with the Creative Department you’re helping them, you have to give away everything.l-01Harrods Flat 2Harrod's rough 1.JPGHarrod's rough 2.JPG'Snow Globe' Harrod's, Leagas Delaney.jpg'Snow' Harrod's, Leagas Delaney.jpgAdidas HeadlinesAdidas Rough B&W scampsAdidas Run002Adidas, Boot, 'Fill In Before' Roughs013-01Adidas, Microfibre Jacket, 'Hanger' Roughs011-01Adidas, Shoe, 'Rule 24' Rough-01Adidas, Skiing, '3 Lines', Rough-01

BMP/DDB.  budweiser-empire-state-original-47438Budweiser007Budweiser008Budweiser003Budweiser004Budweiser005Budweiser006
American Airlines, Angles, 'Taxi', BMP:DDBAmerican Airlines. Angles, 'Trees', BMP:DDBAmerican Airlines, Angles, 'Guggenheim', BMP:DDBAmerican Airlines, Angles, 'Train', BMP:DDBAmerican Airlines, Angles, 'Towers', BMP:DDBVolkswagen, Sharan, Coupon, 'Morse'-01Volkswagen, Sharan, Coupon, 'Doggy'-01Volkswagen, Sharan, Coupon, 'Coupon Time'-01Volkswagen, Sharan, Coupon, 'Coffee'-01Volkswagen, Sharan, Coupon, 'Click'-01Volkswagen_1Volkswagen_2Volkswagen_3Volkswagen pg2 scamp-01Volkswagen pg2 scamp-02Volkswagen, Golf Cabriolet Roughs, Geof Kern scribble 2-01Volkswagen, Fleet Stickers, 'Frozen (Black Logo), BMP-DDB-01Volkswagen, Fleet Stickers, 'Germany (Black Logo)', BMP-DDB-01.jpgVolkswagen, Fleet Stickers, 'Huge Reductions', BMP:DDB.jpgVolkswagen, Fleet Stickers, 'No Rush, (Black Logo)', BMP-DDB-01.jpgVolkswagen, Fleet Stickers, 'Shake Well', BMP-DDB-01.jpg'Bobby Charlton', Polo, Surprisingly Ordinary, Volkswagen-01'Vicar', Polo, Surprisingly Ordinary, Volkswagen-01'Lamp post', Polo, Surprisingly Ordinary, Volkswagen-01.jpg'Leather Clad Chaps', Polo, Surprisingly Ordinary, Volkswagen-01.jpgVolkswagen pg2 scamp-04'Planet', Polo, Volkswagen-01Volkswagen, Polo, Protection, 'Species', BMP:DDBVolkswagen, Polo, Protection, 'Shells' BMP:DDBVolkswagen, Polo, Protection, 'Self', (Blue Logo), BMP-DDB-01VW Protected 02
One of my favourite VW ads we did there was this one.
It got into The One Show, but some well-meaning administrator obviously thought the slide had been put in back to front, so they corrected it for publication.
This is how it appeared in that years annual.
People must’ve thought ‘I don’t see what’s clever about that, bloody judges give it the benefit of the doubt because it’s got aVW logo on it!’.

Part 2 soon…..ish.


10 responses to PODCAST: Me. (Pt. 1)

  1. jim downie says:

    You hoarder. My wife thinks I’m bad, but……..
    Lovin’ it.

  2. MIKE MCKENNA says:

    What a fabulous compilation of work (especially items 76 to 79…and then 83 to 103. Very nice).
    But you’re not always right Dave.
    The original drawing you did for the Harp Lager trade ad (possibly the finest ad ever to feature celebrating Czech bauxite miners) was much better…funnier, more characterful… than Ian Pollock’s final illustration, lovely though that is.
    But what you didn’t mention was that as well as working hard (often late into the night and frequently at weekends) it was fun.
    A right lark.
    For instance…taking a brief at London Zoo as some big, furry, bastard critter bounced around the room…scrapping with various fuck-wit group heads…presenting an idea (for D&AD) to one of advertising’s most celebrated writers ever-to then hear him say, ‘this is the sort of advertising I abhor…’ and the hysterical daily conversations we had with the wonderful, brilliantly mental Derrick Hass; as I said, it was a lark.

    • dave dye says:

      Hey Mike,
      You’re right, it was a lot of fun, most supplied by you.
      Also, items 76 to 79 and 83 to 103 seem to have gotten the most attention.
      Well done for not outing Tony Brignull, that would’ve been a bit low.
      It’s weird trying to get through 30 years in 3 hours, (I could’ve spent telling Derrick stories alone), plus, I felt a little guilty endlessly rambling away to Ben, I thought he could be at work now killing scripts or at home counting his money.
      The drawing thing came up a few times where the client wanted to use my rough, I just never felt confident enough to put them out there, then, plus I couldn’t help notice there were a million other people out there I could use who could draw better.

  3. MIKE MCKENNA says:

    After exposing Mr Brignull I think it’s only right that you show the world the advert that so offended him.
    (It’s in plans chest 197 (third drawer down) beneath the signed Francis Jeffers Arsenal shirt …in the loft.)

  4. Rank Low says:

    Found it! The Chambourcy Hippopotamousse ad. A bit busier than I remember it as a teenager, but still endearing and effective.

    • dave dye says:

      Wow! Can’t believe you found it.
      I’ve looked for that a few times but had no luck.
      Really appreciate it.

  5. Gary says:

    Absolutely treasure trove here of gems – lovely layout ideas, brilliant thinking and funny stories.
    Thanks and thanks again.

  6. Rebecca McFarland says:

    NABS boxing ad – first ever thing in my book as a writer! You’re my claim to fame 🙂 Bec (Lewis, as was)

    • dave dye says:

      Hey Rebecca Lewis! Nice to hear from you.
      Great to see you’re still writing. Hope you’re well. Dx

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