PODCAST: Roger Woodburn (1 & 2)

1 and 2?
Well, it came in at just under four hours.
Tell me about it? I tried cutting it.
Maybe I could’ve edited out the pre-directing bit? Lost the chat about growing up; the nine months in walled hospital room with one wall missing or the time he appeared on national tv as a puppeteer.
Or cut the bits about his endless list of non-directing jobs?
Maybe trim the stuff about his previous bosses?
But his previous bosses are people like Gerry Anderson and Ridley Scott.
And his pre-directing jobs were every single job you can think of that’s related to making films.
Except directing.
It’s why his directing was so good; on set, he knew what everyone did and how everything worked.
As Roger puts it ‘I had the longest apprenticeship in the world’.
A polymath, I think the kids call it.
Not only has he got a crazy amount of great ads to talk about, he can remember all of them, the problems and how he solved them.
The result is that my oldest interviewee talked for the longest time.
The, after recording, he spotted a bus to Islington, he waved goodbye and ran after it.
He’s 89.


PART 1: “How do we shoot this Rog?”

PART 2: “Please shoot this Rog?”

Cadbury’s Smash (Boase Massimi Pollitt).


Lego (TBWA).


3 in 1 Oil (Roe Downton).


Dolly Mixtures (Charles Barker).


Heinz Salad Cream (DDB).



Dunlop Corporate (Saatchi & Saatchi).



Polydor ‘The Story Of The Who’ (McCann Erickson).




Heineken (Collett Dickenson Pearce).


Pure New Wool (Davidson Pearce).


Birds Eye Pies (Collett Dickenson Pearce).


British Leyland (Saatchi & Saatchi).


Hofmeister (Boase Massimi Pollitt).







The Observer (Abbott Mead Vickers).


Sugar Puffs (Boase Massimi Pollitt).


John Smiths (Boase Massimi Pollitt).




Condor (Collett Dickenson Pearce).


British Rail (Saatchi & Saatchi).


Trophy Bitter (Lowe Howard-Spink).


Sony Trinitron (Boase Massimi Pollitt).


Courage Best (Boase Massimi Pollitt).


Radio Rentals (Collett Dickenson Pearce).




Levi’s (Bartle Bogle Hegarty).


Heineken (Lowe Howard-Spink).




Timex (Fallon McElligott).



Kit Kat (JWT).


Miller Lite (Boase Massimi Pollitt).





Carling Back Label (WCRS).



Lee Jeans (Fallon McElligott).









Whiskas (M & C Saatchi).







Kellogs Corn Flakes (JWT).


Alka Seltzer (AMV/BBDO).



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  1. Graham Pugh says:

    That Alka Seltzer ad! (Every one a gem, mind.) I remember when Roger’s name was the byword for Rolls Royce quality.

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