Hands up who’s heard of JEAN PAUL GOUDE?

When you start a job with the title ‘Creative’ you feel compelled to be very creative.
It’s easy to confuse being described as ‘creative with with being ‘nuts’, ‘bonkers’ or ‘out there’.
Consequently, you tend to emulate or simply copy people who appear very weird.
In 1987 I attempted to Jean Paul Goude.
I can’t recall whether it was of lack of money, poor script or the fact that it was for one of the least cool brands in the world, (Hotpoint), but Jean Paul Goude declined to help us make our ‘Jean Paul Goude’ ad. (A shame, as it would’ve made the task much easier.) Instead, we got the director Nick Lewin.
Red hot at the time, having just directed two very cool Levi’s ads for BBH; ‘Marlin’ and ‘Rivets’.
Try as we might, the ads didn’t end up very Goude.
I realise now that very creative people’s minds work differently to the the average bod. They are stuffed with a whole bunch of weird reference points, as unique to them as their finger prints.
Often these reference points are ignored or thought of as uncool by the majority.
But very creative people connect these disparate reference points in idiosyncratic ways, eg. “I want a kind of  ‘H R Puff ‘N’ Stuff ’ vibe, but with bit of ‘Lou Grant’ attitude and a kind of Fiorucciesque stye? Oh, and a Gilbert O’Sullivan type soundscape…upbeat Gilbert O’Sullivan, not the maudlin shit.”
Their idiosyncratic reference points and take on culture gives them their aesthetic.
It’s almost impossible to mimic someone else’s aesthetic.
So, although we tried very hard, I, and Nick Lewin, weren’t Jean Paul Goude.
He was just too damn idiosyncratic.
He was a brilliant illustrator, photographer, Art Director, Director, Choreographer, Wallpaper Designer, etc.
His images, whether moving or still leap out of magazines, spring from screens.
They’re striking and incredibly seductive.
This is him, (acting the giddy goat):

1326684385_bajo_titulo-530x449He started out as an illustrator, a very good one.
332sdudindian ink on tracing paper 1969printemps mens 1964printemps mens 2 1964Franciouse Hardy - Jean Paul Goude.jpgThen he turns up at Esquire as an Art Director, executing stuff like this for George Lois.
(Yes, that George Lois.)
GQ 2-GQ-ES01.27
Occasionally art directing his own covers.Esquire Cover 'Woody Allen Laughing', Onofrio Paccione, .pngBut mostly illustrating for them.Toukie 1973Jean Paul Goude 'W. H. Auden', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Kirk Douglas', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Kim Philby', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Sundance Kid', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Lester Bangs', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude - Esquire 'LBJ'.png
Images start to get more realistic with the advent of the airbrush.Jean Paul Goude 'OJ' & Footballer', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude - Esquire 'Nixon'.pngJean Paul Goude 'Indian', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Weathermen', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Superjew', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude - Esquire 'Red Writting 2'.png
He then mixing photography and airbrushing.jp-goude-carolina-photo-peinte-new-york-1973-le-bonbon1Jean Paul Goude 'Black Nixon', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Kitchen', Esquire.pngGRAF1Jean Paul Goude 'Intermission', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude - Esquire 'Beak Man'.pngJean Paul Goude - Esquire 'A Death On'.pngJean Paul Goude 'Tito Puente Band 2', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Tito Puente Band 4', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Tito Puente Band', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Which One? 2', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Which one?', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'America Dances' 4.pngJean Paul Goude 'America Dances' 2.pngJean Paul Goude 'America Dances' 3.pngJean Paul Goude 'America Dances' 1.pngJean Paul Goude 'Stripping', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Chairman Mao', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Boxer X', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'High Basketball', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Fame Train', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude - Esquire 'Skipping'.pngJean Paul Goude 'Lingerie', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Norman Lear', Esquire.pngJean Paul Goude 'Maths Picture', Esquire.pngDSCN9484-1024x81649ca0034fee3c2ea1f2c5e1ae3c4c878

He gets a new girlfriend and takes control of her image:Grace first impression 1978Battling Grace 1 1978
Grace sketch 1978Libertango costume designs 1981Grace revised and updated 1978As there’s no Photoshop, Goude cuts up negatives and airbrushes the print.18-exposition-musees-art-dzcoratif-Jean-Paul-Goude-Hoosta-magazine-parisgrace-jones-sans-titre-jean-paul-goude-0201-14_750-da43c-e5e27
Grace+Jones+-+Warm+Leatherette+-+Original+Artwork+-+LP+RECORD-48576404228426112.jpgBlaise0007box=970x0.jpg82f95c4654aa3193837b7997f01e8da7.1000x1000x1.jpgtumblr_mn73nnWMjX1rsj9jwo1_1280Jean-Paul-Goude-185-grace-jones-maternity-dress-1979-jean-paul-goudegoude2a 1 copyarton2940-1afa6
He starts choreographing and directing her gigs:onemanshow-e1364059056126A-One-Man-Show



Farida 1982jpg_farida85_lr

1995farida 1984
He starts directing commercials. Unlike anyone else at the time:

goude 1





He produced the amazing French Bicentennial parade back in Paris  1989.273-BI_PAGE_4-HDJean-Paul Goude N1jean-paul-goude-sexpose-arts-decoratifs-L-h9RbJYMarquise-Piece-Montee-wallpaper10-1024x759World-Music-Equation-3-1024x675World-Music-Equation-4-1024x347


He’s been producing posters for The Galleries Lafayette for years.goude4 115_750-31fc7Jean-Paul-Goude-11lafayettebig7lafayettebiglafayettemd13
 Lafayette working sketch L'Amazone 2002427-Cirque_roses
He’s recently branched out into wallpapers.Wallpapers-by-Jean-Paul-Goude-for-The-Mark-On-The-Wall-company-03Wallpapers-by-Jean-Paul-Goude-for-The-Mark-On-The-Wall-company-02Wallpapers-by-Jean-Paul-Goude-for-The-Mark-On-The-Wall-company-01
And he continues to do magazine work.Tavi-Gevinson-Covers-LOfficiel-NL-DesignSceneNet-01
img878eo3BGJean-PaulGoude1133979_fete-du-graphisme-affichetd-bd_1DSC_8801 andre
This work is just the tip of the Goude iceberg.
There are tonnes and tonnes more images and films to be found out there in Net-land.
But be warned, you won’t find his recipe.

P.S. If anyone has a contact for JPG I’d love to do a podcast with him?


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