Easy as ABC?

It’s sometimes tough to argue the obvious.
When you have teams of people analysing, strategizing and theorising it’s difficult to sound like the dumbest guy in the room.
Take ABC, someone must have had to ‘How about we base our campaign on the idea that…

“TV is good? Duh!”
It doesn’t sound very creative or intelligent, but it’s right.
It’s not the kind of idea that’s greeted with joy; “Shouldn’t we be saying people need tv in their lives? Or say that it’s the most cost-effective way to shift a product?  Or maybe we say it enriches lives and gives joy to the joyless? Educates the uneducated, y’know… the white trash… thickheads?”
There are armies of people with long titles and big qualifications looking for something intelligent sounding to build a career boosting power point presentation around.
So holding on to your gossamer thin vibe against an army wanting empirical evidence is hard.
“Haven’t we got a demographic insight? Some media usage numbers? A chart with some big numbers on? Come on, throw us a bone here?”
But sometimes a believable emotion can be more powerful than a dubious fact.
I remember Paul McCartney once being challenged about the unevenness of The Beatles ‘White Album’, “Wouldn’t it have been better to put all the best tracks onto a single album?”
Instead of defending Bungalow Bill, Savoy Truffle and all the other ‘interesting’ tracks, he said “Nah, leave it alone, it’s The Beatles ‘White Album’ “.
So uber confident that you have to agree.

The guys at TBWA/CHIAT/DAY adopted the same attitude with the ABC posters; “You want us to defend TV? Er… well, there hasn’t been any World Wars since tv got going, how about that? Now fuck off…idiot!”
Rather than defending tv it makes you think it doesn’t need defending.
Lee Clow, TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Chairman: “We thought, why not kind of honestly celebrate the notion that TV is a good part of our lives, and sitting down in front of it for a while isn’t a bad thing.’’

abc-television-zero-small-31685abc - Don't Worry-01godchairabc - Wife1999abc - Husband-01ABCoutdoor97-2abc-television-dont-just-sit-there-small-364412 abc.sofaScreen Shot 2014-08-17 at 11.08.14Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 11.08.50tv-station-raise-your-hand-small-60400tumblr_m5j7ewdoph1qfb5k4tv-station-sitting-on-your-couch-small-96871-1Reading_1_1tumblr_mdfvktd3181qfb5k4-1tumblr_mdd93dl1pT1rsrjeno2_1280abc-television-the-entertainment-capital-of-your-home-small-25095tumblr_mdd93dl1pT1rsrjeno1_500tv-station-sitting-on-your-couch-small-96871-1
Looks easy.


4 thoughts on “Easy as ABC?

  1. hehe, thanks for the blast from the past! I’ve always loved this campaign. In fact, somewhere in a file drawer I have a handful of postcards with a few more headlines. If I come across them, I’ll send you copies.

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