PODCAST: Richard Shotton.

One of my favourite tweeters.
Always insightful, but more than that, Richard always seems so excited to share each idea or thought.
He writes his tweets like they’re Breaking News.
Richard, like all of my favourite tweeters nowadays share the same job title; Behavioural Insight Bod.
(Or some version of.)
Traditionally, planners looked at behaviour, but not in the same way, not with such insight and usefulness.
Which is weird.
Why, when your whole business is built around communicating with human beings would you not have a whole department set up to understand human beings?
Well now they are out on the net, sharing observations on how humans work for free, just check out Richard at https://twitter.com/rshotton  Hang on! Hang on! Not now.
Listen to this first.
It’s different from my usual, chronologically structured podcasts, this one’s all over the map.
You can hear in real time as Richard and I try to get our heads around what’s happening with humans and ad agencies today.
The result is that there are:
a) Far more thoughtful pauses than usual.
b) The number of ‘Mmmms’ is off the charts.
c) Julius Caeser features more than Bill Bernbach.
d) If you’re in the creative department, I’m afraid there’s a whole bunch of difficult to pronounce European philosopher’s names you’ll need to google.
But on a lighter note, listen out for Richard crunching his way through a Bourbon biscuit about halfway through.

The book.

The link:

Some tweets.

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  1. Georg Thesmann says:

    Exquisitely podcast as per usual, Dave. I couldn’t spot any of the ‘thoughtful pauses’ when I remembered I always listen to podcasts in Overcast. It’s by a small developer and has this amazing feature which detects pauses in speech and intelligently shortens them.
    It works. Brilliantly. He calls it Smartspeed. Together with Voiceboost it’s allowed me to enjoy many listenings that otherwise I wouldn’t have. I’ve got nothing to to with him, but thought I mention it. Thanks for all the food for thought. Love the piebury corner post and poster.

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