GREEN BOOKS: New Yorker Ads 4.

The Advertising Standards Council wouldn’t let that title pass.
I guess it was my intent when I cello-taped it to the cover.

There are a few old New Yorker ads in there, but the majority are English, from the early seventies.
It’s odd collection, looking at it now is a bit like wandering through a car boot sale.

There’s the finds that have famous attached, so may be worth something:  
1. Illustrator/Artist Glen Baxter’s Gilbey’s Gin ads.
2. Photographer Art Kane’s ‘Sip it with respect’ Martell ad, (written by Tony Brignull). 
3. An original by Art Director Helmut Krone, (Avis).
4. Actual, original text written by Howard Gossage, (Irish Whiskey Board).
5. Richard Avedon’s ‘Julie Andrews’ Blackglama ad. 

There’s the stuff you like, but aren’t sure anyone else would:
1. A cool ribbony ad for Chanel.
2. An interesting looking tourist ad  from the Netherlands National Tourist office.
3. An ad I remember loving as a kid, it just seemed so clever! (After Eights ‘Eaton Square’).
4. A couple of nice pack-shots for B&H Menthol.
5. A great shot of a Rover driving over a bridge.

Then there’s the stuff that may have historical value, but but you wouldn’t pay for:
1. Evidence of The Jolly Green Giant smoking.
2. A long-forgotten Tony Brignull campaign for Renault.
3. An article about Angus McBean’s Bed.
4. David Ogilvy’s ‘Commander’ character in old Schweppes ad.
5. An ad for Halston’s perfume, (Studio 54’s ultimate lounge lizzard).

Have a browse.

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