GREEN BOOKS: Photos 3.

Another green scrapbook.
(For the young people out there, a scrapbook is a kind of pre-internet, analogue way of bookmarking web pages, only heavier and, as it turns out, longer lasting.)
This one is full of photographic reference.
It’s from about 1993/4, when Satoshi Saikusa, Raymond Meier and Rolling Stone Magazine were all the rage.
At least they were in my world.
There’s a couple of images in there I’d forgotten all about.
They are screaming tortured heads.
Almost like Francis Bacon, only greener.

I wish I could read the signature to give the guy credit, they still look extrordinary.
All I can remember is that a guy from The London College of Printing came to see me with a book of amazing images like the four below.
I tried to helping by designing a poster for him as a mailer, it showed all these amazing howling, tortured heads with a line underneath that said ‘Also available for weddings, graduations and bar mitzvahs’.
The plan was to get someone at The L.C.P. to print it for free, but unfortunately we couldn’t make it happen.
It’s a real shame, I love his images and would loved to have helped.
If anyone recognises the images and knows his name, let me know and I’ll credit and tag the images.

Phot's 3 Green book cover: Dave Dye.Glowing Tomatoes : Dave Dye

Rolling Stone Images Of Rock & Roll : Dave Dye
Nick Knight  : Dave Dye.
Brigitte Lacombe : Phillip Lee Harvey : : Dave Dye.
Big Fish: Dave Dye.Daniel Jounneau : Watch : Tim Simmons : Dave Dye: Dave DyeFleur Olby : Tim O'Sullivan :  : Dave DyeAlfred Hitchcock : Albert Watson : Dave DyeCole Haan Shoes : Dave DyeEnrique Badelescu : Technicolour  : Dave DyeEnrique Badelescu Profile : Dave DyeDaniel Jounneau : Vegetables  : Dave DyeErwin Blumenfeld : Red Cross : Dave DyeChristy Turlington : Jurgen Teller : Strenesse  : Dave DyeEdward Gadjei : Jean Baptiste Mondino : Dave DyeLCP Guy 2 : Dave DyeLCP Guy : Dave DyeEllen Von Unwerth : Dave DyeIsaac Hayes : Dave DyeGuido Mocafico: Dave dyeJames Stewart : Dave DyeLipstick Smear :  : Dave DyeHenrik Thorup Knusden : Simon Sommerville : Dave DyeMario Testino : Madonna : Dave DyeMark Siegler 2 : R.E.M.: Rolling Stone Magazine : Dave Dye.Mark Siegler : Rolling Stone Magazine : Dave Dye.Mark Dento Ancestors : Dave Dye.Mike Parsons : Jean Baptiste Mondino  : Dave DyeRaymond Meier : Lipsticks broken :  : Dave DyeNick Knight : Dave Dye : Sunday TimesPale Face : Dave DyeRaymond Maier: Dave Dye.:Peggy Sirota :  : Dave DyeRolling Stone Cover : Beastie Boys : Mark Siegler : Dave DyePlaton : Dave Dye.Raymond Meier : Nancy Honey : Handbag  : Dave DyeSatoshi Saikusa : Dave Dye.Spy Holes  : Dave DyeSatoshi Saikusa : Dave DyeSeamus Ryan : Wig : Raymond Meier : Crocodile Handbag & Shoe : Dave DyeStephane Sednoai : Pierre et Gilles: Dave Dye.Steven Meisel  : Dave DyeVivienne Westwood : Dave Dye


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