ARTICLE DUMP: Is this thing on?

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22-01.jpgss-01.jpg23.jpg24.jpg1. How I did the 2012 D&AD cover (Campaign – September 2012)

Cover Story – Dave D&AD spread

 2. Dave Hieatt: “What influenced you?”


3. Commissioning Photography (Photographer Magazine Vol 5, No.3)

  f2 spread 1f2 spread 2-3

4. Food Advertising (Lurzers Archive)


5. Great Illustration (Lurzers Archive)
Lurzers illustrator spreads

6. My Photographic Month (Image, The Association of Photographers Magazine ’08)

Image spread 1Image spread 2Image spread 3 Image spread 4

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Creativity spreads

Campaign Article001Metro-Behind the idea001

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