“Astonish Me!”

Legendary Harper’s Bazaar Art Director Alexey Brodovitch would always commission photographers with the same brief; ‘Astonish me!’.

At he moment, it feels like the brief given to most photographers is ‘Can you do it like that?’.
On one level, it makes complete sense, how else do you get the third party, the client, to write a cheque without showing them existing imagery to give them an idea of what they are paying for.

But it’s also insane, the most difficult part of our business is stopping passers by.
And at this point in history, the queue to engage the public’s attention has never been longer, so the need for astonishment has never been greater.
‘Astonishing’ jumps queues, different’ gets waved to the front, even ‘odd’ will get  preferential treatment.

Anyone calling the images of Scottish photographer Alan David-Tu astonishing are unlikely to be sued.
It’s similar to…nobody.

Alan David-Tu - Purple Alan David-Tu -Nike Mercury AdAlan David Tu - nike_hollisticAlan David-Tu 'Red Hat'-01 Alan David Tu 'Moosehead'-01Alan David-Tu -  Art Of Noise Article01 Alan David-Tu 'Bubble Woman'-01Alan David-Tu - Purple Hair-01 Alan David-Tu - Silhouette Alan David Tu - Black Face-01 Alan David-Tu - Post Office Ad Alan David Tu - CoupleAlen David-Tu - Blue Face-01 Alan David Tu, Roll tape, Direction article-01Alan David-Tu - Face With Cross  Alan David-Tu - Green Face-01 Alan David Tu - Ik ook van jou-1 Alan David Tu - octopusAlan David-Tu - Legs Alann David-Tu - Blue Lips-01

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