Hands up who’s heard of STEPHEN O. FRANKFURT?

“I try to find a way to get into the head of a child.” – Stephen O. Frankfurt. His quote sounds spooky, but I guess it’s just another way of saying keep it simple and interesting. Virtually unknown today, he was a big deal in the fifties, sixties and seventies. His Mum was the secretary to the head of the Twentieth Century Fox film studio. (Sounds irrelevant, it isn’t.) He spends three years at the Pratt Institute, being ‘molded’ by Alexey Brodovitch. He leaves and visits every majorRead more

“ASTONISH ME!”: Alan David Tu.

Legendary Harper’s Bazaar Art Director Alexey Brodovitch would always commission photographers with the same brief; ‘Astonish me!’. At he moment, it feels like the brief given to most photographers is ‘Can you do it like that?’. On one level, it makes complete sense, how else do you get the third party, the client, to write a cheque without showing them existing imagery to give them an idea of what they are paying for. But it’s also insane, the most difficult part of our businessRead more