PODCAST: Paul Weiland.

Unfortunately I seem to keep writing the same intros to these interviews; ‘Wow! I knew Person X was good, that’s why I wanted to interview them, but having gone through their archives I’d forgotten just how much great they’d done’.
But never has this been more true.
Today, in the ad world, Paul is best known as the director of the Walker’s Crisps ads featuring Gary Lineaker. (He’s shot about 150 of them over the last 20 years.)
It’s probably the longest running tv campaign in Britain and possibly the best known ad campaign amongst the British public.
There are obviously plenty of upsides to this, the downside is that it can mask everything else he’s done.
I did consider trying to put all of them together on one reel, but then decided the work would be too weighted towards Walkers, So I’ve only included a handful.
We had a great chat, I hope you enjoy it.

(I couldn’t find a scrap of work from Paul’s time at either HORNIBLOW FREEMAN & COX or ROYDS.)

BBDO. (Writer)
'Merry Chistmas' Morlands, Paul Weiland, CDP-01.jpg'Morlands Coat' Morlands, Paul Weiland, BBDO-01.jpg

'Whatever Happened' Coty, Paul Weiland, CDP-01.jpg

'We Don't' Pretty Polly, Paul Weiland, CDP

'Oink' EMI, Paul Weiland, CDP-01*.jpg

'Whatever Happened' Coty, Paul Weiland, CDP-01.jpg

'With Dave Horry' Paul Weiland-01.jpg

'Handbuilt By' Fiat, Paul Weiland, CDP, 48$.jpg'Designed with' Fiat, Paul Weiland, CDP, DPS.jpg

A spoof of the above ad by the Not The Nine O’ Clock News guys.


'With Alan Parker' Paul Weiland.jpg

Hamlet Cigars.

British Telecom.

Bamboo Steamers.

Knirpps Umbrellas.

'Wanted- A Successor' Paul Weiland Article-01.jpgHeineken.

The Guardian.


'D&AD Plans' Direction, Paul Weiland-01.jpg


Holsten Pils.


'Weiland At Work' Direction Article, Paul Weiland,-01
Comic Relief.


Walkers Poppadoms.

Walkers Crisps.

'Weiland On Film' Ad, Kodak, Paul Weiland196-01.jpg

‘Leonard Part 6’.

'Leonard Pt. 6' Paul Weiland.jpg'With Bill Cosby' Paul Weiland.jpgBill Cosby Article:Paul Weiland.jpg

‘City Slickers 2’.'City Slickers 2' Paul Weiland.jpg
‘Roseanna’s Grave’.
'Roseanna's Grave' Paul Weiland.jpg

‘Sixty Six’.
'Sixty Six' Paul Weiland.jpg
‘Made Of Honour’.
'Made Of Honour' Paul Weiland.jpg

3 responses to PODCAST: Paul Weiland.

  1. Dave says:

    Brilliant and you’re so right Dave, drugging and raping is now frowned upon by some people, gah! the good old days eh?

    • dave dye says:

      Exactly. I should point out I’m one of the people who frown upon both of those things. Dx

  2. Mark Denton says:

    …that was a bloody wonderful interview and a load of work that would still be considered great if it ran today. The Parker Pens ad is one of my all time favourites btw.

    I was working with Paul at the time he got the Cosby film so it was fascinating to hear the background story.

    And I agreed with almost everything he said about the state of advertising except the bit about jingles…I’d like to see them come back, at least they were entertaining…

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