PODCAST: Chris Palmer, Part 1, (Advertising).

Chris Palmer.
My 5th boss.
His 1st job was as John Hegarty’s writer.
He won 5 D&AD silvers in his first in his first year.
Set up and agency in his 4th year.
Become one the most in demand directors of the last 25 years.
Launched, arguably, London’s No 1 production company over over the last two decades; Gorgeous.
Also, Mark Denton says Chris can draw better than him.
Annoying isn’t it?
We had a great chat, hope you enjoy it.


BBH with John Hegarty.dr-whites-baby-bbh-chris-palmer-01

BBH with Mark Denton.ART_DIRECTION_Campaign_Bow_Ties_01ART_DIRECTION_Campaign_Bow_Ties_02

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2 responses to PODCAST: Chris Palmer, Part 1, (Advertising).

  1. mdesq says:

    …of course I’ve heard most of the stories before (because I was there for the best part of it) but it was great hearing it all from Chris’s perspective.

    I really can’t imagine a better creative partner than Chris. After teaming up I effectively went from being a visualiser to having my name over the door in under five years.

    And as he rightly pointed out, it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been prepared to chuck his job in at BBH in order to work with me….Blimey!

    Once the rollercoaster started I remember not taking any holiday for nigh on 7 years. Not because I was any kind of martyr but because I couldn’t imagine having more fun doing anything else.

    And yes, we really did go into the office on more than one Christmas day. For me, it beat the Morecambe and Wise Show and watching the annual family punch-up any day of the week.

    Once we started Simons Palmer DENTON we were spoilt.

    If we came up with a concept it ran, so if any bad work was produced it was down to our lack of talent and not any difficult client or crap account man/lady.

    I couldn’t tear myself away from the place, nor could Chris.

    It’s all so long ago it sometimes seems like a film I saw once.

    …I’m going for a little lie down now.

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