PODCAST: Mark Reddy.

‘Art Director’ is an unhelpful title. It has nothing to do with Art and very little to do with directing. Some think it’s about making stuff look cool, I think it’s about communicating at speed. We work in a medium people are actively trying to ignore, so we can’t hang around. Art Director’s can only communicate quickly if the understand: a) Their basic toolkit; photography, film, illustration, editing, cropping, fonts, colours and the rest. b) The world around them: how humans behave,Read more


Obviously there’s more Fred & Fabien, but probably the most interesting things in there are the bits of old typesetting I rescued from the Leagas Delaney bin. The studio was going all digital, so PMT machines, drawing desks, wax machines, art-workers a and bits of old setting were dumped. I managed to save a few bits of setting, if you eat a lot of carrots and have 20/20 vision you’ll be able to spot a few cut marks between someRead more


The feedback I’ve had on these books is very consistent; ‘I had most of that stuff in my scrap books too’. What a world? Art directors from it’s four corners saving exactly the same references from exactly the same dozen or so sources* in order to help create them something different. Today there is no reason art directors should be fishing in the same pool. (*Interview, Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, Lurzer’s Archive, Rolling Stone, Creative Review, Direction, Beach Culture, RayRead more

GREEN BOOKS: Illustration 1.

After looking through this old book again, it got me thinking. a) Why do we not use illustration more in advertising? b) When we do use it, why do we always the same few styles, why not use all the weird, wonderful and exotic flavours available out there? c) What happened to these guys?Read more


When I write these posts I sometimes forget that not everyone reading them was working in advertising or design 20 years ago. After the last post a lot of people asked me what the hell I meant when I said that the green book shouldn’t be called ‘Type’, it would be more appropriate to name it ‘The Fred & Fabien Files’. It was a joke, so much of the work in that typography scrapbook was from the same two guys. FREDRead more

Hands up who’s heard of HOWARD ZIEFF?

Amongst the 100 top selling albums last year were 8 dead singers, (Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Roy Orbison, Amy Winehouse, and David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Leonard Cohen), 5 dead bands, (The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Abba, Queen, Oasis), and 19 greatest hits albums of music recorded in the last century. It wasn’t always this way. The introduction of the Compact Disc changed music buying habits from only buying the latest release to buying music from any point in history. Video and DVDRead more

Hands up who’s heard of Robert Freson?

GOD’S LIGHT. It’s what photographers call daylight. It was Freson’s light source of choice. It’s obviously less controllable than other forms of lighting but the results can be magical. It can can give people a luminous, spiritual glow. At a time when so many briefs are to make the people in front of the camera look real, authentic and believable, it’s odd that we generally drain the colour from the image, add filters or use artificial lighting. Go through Robert’sRead more