When I write these posts I sometimes forget that not everyone reading them was working in advertising or design 20 years ago.
After the last post a lot of people asked me what the hell I meant when I said that the green book shouldn’t be called ‘Type’, it would be more appropriate to name it ‘The Fred & Fabien Files’.
It was a joke, so much of the work in that typography scrapbook was from the same two guys.

FRED WOODWARD was the art director or Rolling Stone; One of the cleverest, most playful art directors ever.
The way linked the typography and imagery was revolutionary at the time.

FABIEN BARON was the art director of Vogue Italia, Interview Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar; Probably the most stylish magazine art director of the last fifty years.

Both influenced everyone in the business back then, their influence can still be seen today, I’ll probably do a post on each at some point.
Anyway, more ‘Fred & Fabien Files’, enjoy.

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