GREEN BOOKS: Illustration 1.

After looking through this old book again, it got me thinking.
a) Why do we not use illustration more in advertising?
b) When we do use it, why do we always the same few styles, why not use all the weird, wonderful and exotic flavours available out there?
c) What happened to these guys?

1. Illustration 1 Cover.jpg2. Illustration 1.jpg3. Illustration 1.jpg4. Illustration 1.jpg5. Illustration 1.jpg6. Illustration 1.jpg7. Illustration 1.jpg8. Illustration 1.jpg9. Illustration 1.jpg10. Illustration 1.jpg11. Illustration 1.jpg12. Illustration 1.jpg13. Illustration 1.jpg14. Illustration 1.jpg15. Illustration 1.jpg16. Illustration 1.jpg17. Illustration 1.jpg18. Illustration 1.jpg19. Illustration 1.jpg20. Illustration 1.jpg21. Illustration 1.jpg22. Illustration 1.jpg23. Illustration 1.jpg24. Illustration 1.jpg25. Illustration 1.jpg26. Illustration 1.jpg27. Illustration 1.jpg28. Illustration 1.jpg29. Illustration 1.jpg30. Illustration 1.jpg31. Illustration 1.jpg32. Illustration 1.jpg33. Illustration 1.jpg34. Illustration 1.jpg35. Illustration 1.jpg36. Illustration 1.jpg37. Illustration 1.jpg38. Illustration 1.jpg39. Illustration 1.jpg40. Illustration 1.jpg41. Illustration 1.jpg42. Illustration 1.jpg43. Illustration 1.jpg44. Illustration 1.jpg45. Illustration 1.jpg46. Illustration 1.jpg47. Illustration 1.jpg48. Illustration 1.jpg49. Illustration 1.jpg50. Illustration 1.jpg51. Illustration 1.jpg52. Illustration 1.jpg53. Illustration 1.jpg54. Illustration 1.jpg55. Illustration 1.jpg56. Illustration 1.jpg57. Illustration 1.jpg58. Illustration 1.jpg59. Illustration 1.jpg60. Illustration 1.jpg61. Illustration 1.jpg62. Illustration 1.jpg63. Illustration 1.jpg64. Illustration 1.jpg65. Illustration 1.jpg66. Illustration 1.jpg67. Illustration 1.jpg68. Illustration 1.jpg69. Illustration 1.jpg70. Illustration 1.jpg71. Illustration 1.jpg72. Illustration 1.jpg73. Illustration 1.jpg74. Illustration 1.jpg75. Illustration 1.jpg76. Illustration 1.jpg77. Illustration 1.jpg78. Illustration 1.jpg79. Illustration 1.jpg80. Illustration 1.jpg82. Illustration 1.jpg83. Illustration 1.jpg84. Illustration 1.jpg85. Illustration 1.jpg86. Illustration 1.jpg87. Illustration 1.jpg88. Illustration 1.jpg90. Illustration 1.jpg91. Illustration 1.jpg

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