I’ve no idea where this came from.
I’ve had it for at least twenty or so years.
Looking at that high-class screw holding it together and thick cell cover, it probably once belonged to a Creative Director.
(Me and my friends didn’t have access to that kind of luxury at the time.)
If you recognise it, get in touch and I’ll return it.
It’s one of the best, most thorough interviews I’ve ever read with Uncle William.
So thanks and apologies.




17 responses to FOUND: BERNBACH STUFF.

  1. Matt Farr says:

    Any chance you could take all the images and put them into a PDF for printing? Or just take all the full-size scans, zip them up, and make them available for download on Google Drive or somewhere?

    • Asif Ansari says:

      Hi Dave, this is gold. Just adding my voice to the request from Matt above. Would love to get my hands on this as a PDF. Please, pretty please…with sugar on top.

      • pepe cortisona says:

        Or you can just download the images, select them all an open it on preview and then just save them as pdf. Faster than writing a comment.

  2. Simon Risley says:

    Love it! I worked for DDB London twice as a writer in the 60s and early 70’s. A brilliant place: and working with Derrick Hass was a real education (and a hoot! Nobody could quite understand how I got away with the things that I said to him, but he always took my badinage in good part. I do miss him.)

    — Simon Risley

    • dave dye says:

      Thanks Simon, I was friends with Derrick and I know exactly what you mean, he was incredibly sensitive, and nice (I miss him too).
      I don’t suppose you have any work you did with Derrick? Or by chance Tony Brignull?, I’m getting together blog posts on both.

  3. sebastian wilhelm says:

    Fantastic post, as usual. I never get tired of reading old Bill. We owe him everything.

  4. Alec Bartlett says:

    Hi, incredible find! Thanks for sharing. Do you know the book Bernbach refers to called The New Advertising? My google search hasn’t turned up much.

  5. Rob Kitchen says:

    Terrific, Dave.
    Still totally relevant. Good on you for taking the trouble to scan and share.

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