Many of you won’t recognise that name.
You won’t find it attached to tweets his latest ‘hot’ campaign, or next to a picture of his latest lunch; he doesn’t do social media.
You won’t find his agency in any new business tables; they only handle three clients at a time, so tend to have long client relationships.
You won’t find their scripts in any production companies; they direct them in-house.
This is because, when, 23 years ago, the goal for his new agency was that the clients should be in the limelight, not the agency.
While I’ve heard many say that kind of thing, I’ve never seen anyone actually do it.
They gave themselves an undercover name; The Kowloon Wholesale Seafood Co.
Then disguised the outside of the agency like a run-down seafood operation, just to throw off any potential clients who happen to be in the area.
And just to be awkward, he changed his name from Dick to Rick Sittig.
You won’t find either of them in any of advertising’s Hall of Fame’s.
Which is weird.
Because between them they’ve done some of the best, most famous, longest running ad campaigns ever.
Jack In The Box, Joe Isuzu, the Energiser Bunny and the Nissan Pathfinder campaign to name but a few.
So at the risk annoying Rick by bringing on some unwanted adulation – if anyone out there works for the One Show, Art Directors Club or Clios; come on, induct this man immediately.
It’s embarrassing.
(See below for details.)

Wed had a great chat, I hope you enjoy it.



Don’t Drive Drunk.Isuzu.








Jack in the Box.


Jack in the Box.







6 responses to PODCAST: RICK SITTIG

  1. Dave says:

    What a voice…..Rick sounds good too, he could sell you anything with that weapon.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Nice write-up about Rick Sittig. Somebody had to do it.
    I’ve worked as an art direcor with Rick at Chiat/Day while they were
    located at the old Warehouse in Venice. After I’d finished the Infiniti ads,
    Lee Clow put me up with Rick on Airtouch Cellular and the Prince Tennis
    Racquets accounts.
    The ‘God’ tv and print were the only ads we did as a team as I went
    freelance again right after.
    Thanks for posting my ‘God’ storyboard.
    (Had difficulty drawing God and ended up drawing Lee Clow. Ha ha.)
    Great stories like always, Dave.
    Best wishes.

  3. Marten Tonnis says:

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Regarding the ‘God’ stroyboard for Prince Tennis Racquets,
    you have the best resolution. I couldn’t better it.
    I don’t have any other Rick Sittig memorabilia in my drawers.
    Also, it seems either Google or Chiat/Day erased all the Airtouch tv ads from 1994.
    I care less. It wasn’t really award winning stuff. The best part was their animated
    logo which I designed. If I can find that…
    p.s. Thanks for liking the Chiat/Day from the Biltmore blog.
    Best wishes.

  4. dave dye says:

    Hey Marten,
    Glad you liked it.
    I probably ripped that storyboard from your blog; thanks, belatedly.
    (Good to know Lee Clow is available for storyboarding, I’ll bear him in mind.)
    I looked everywhere for the Airtouch campaign, couldn’t find it, you don’t have it do you? And a higher res ‘God’ storyboard?
    And any other Rick suff I’m missing.
    p.s. Love the blog by the way.

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