I chanced upon this whilst researching this series.
DDB News, 1966 – The Women’s Issue.
It’s an odd little thing; one minute it feels progressive, the next..not*.

(*Yes, I’m talking to you Legs Page.)
But it’s a useful snapshot of the environment the women I’ve written about were working in at the time.

Also, DDB would’ve been one of the most progressive agencies. 
(See previous posts for details.)


3 responses to THE WOMEN WHO BUILT DDB: Addendum

  1. Indra Sinha says:

    I love this series. Spent two hours on the crossword so far. Cannon Towels? The only thing I’ve got so far that fits is “Fairysoft Touch”, lifted from the copy of an old Cannon ad on Etsy. Couldn’t be, could it? Wrong era and very un-DDB. Clever lady, that Judy Ellis. While looking for fluffy epithets, I came across a series of Cannon ads that at the time must have raised eyebrows and perhaps more. Will email them to you as I can’t find a way to attach them here.

    • dave dye says:

      Indra, you’re trying to do a crossword from fifty years ago?
      From a country thousands of miles away?
      I have a few more, I’ll send them.

  2. David Horry says:


    DDB News, the NY house journal, used to be distributed to 64 Baker Street back in the late sixties. Nobody in the London office read it, apart from the General Manager Mike Waters, in case there was an exam. It wasn’t cool!
    NY was by then so detached from the reality of DDB London, which was making its own way in the world. Madison Avenue was a million miles away. Only Glucky and Abbott had ever been there! I worked on Polaroid International but Mrs. Robinson never called to say HI!

    Somebody said recently that DDB London 1970 was like a World Cup Football Squad! We were Brazil – I barely made the subs bench.

    Yeoman D, Abbott D, Gluck M, Collins R, Godfrey N, Byfield B, Bunton T, Brown D, O’Driscoll J, Turner R, Mellors T. sub Winstanley C

    Horry D

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