PODCAST: Neil French.

Former rent collector, bull-fighter, porn director, klacker salesman, Judas Priest manager, account man, copywriter, art director and Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Worldwide. (Warning: Some areas of the recording may have been adversely effected by a rioja.)

BLACKER HYDE ASSOCIATES Ltd.'At Blackley' Neil French.jpg

An early Neil French concept.Judas Priest, Neil French.jpg


'When You're' Neil French, HKR-01.jpg'The Stereo' Panasonic, Neil French, HKR-01'The Hitch-hiker' Panasonic, Neil French, HKR-01'I'd Never' Panasonic, Neil French, HKR-01



'The Success' Continental Airlines, Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg'No Pictures' Continental Airlines, Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg '10 Creative Director's Tips' Neil French-01.jpg'If You' Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg'It Has Been' Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg'Isn't It' Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg'This Is An' Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg'View From' Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg'This Page' Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg'Top' Neil French, The Ball Partnership-01.jpg'Job Descriptions' Neil French-01.jpg

The only known picture of Neil without a cigar.'Evening Standard Cover' Neil French-01.jpg'Times' Neil French-01.jpg

My tattered copy of Neil’s book. I recommend it.'Lobsters' Neil French-01.jpg

5 responses to PODCAST: Neil French.

  1. The thing I always admired about Neil was that he went to Cannes every year. But never actually went there. He stayed in a five star hotel in St Paul de Vence above Cannes and people would drive up through the hills to visit him. Invariably, the tab would be picked up by the Poisoned Dwarf, who was enamored of him. There aren’t many of us left.
    George “AdScam”Parker

  2. mucaslucas says:

    Prince of a man.
    Godfather of an entire generation of rogues, scallywags, and writers of very long copy.
    Thanks Neil.

  3. Shane Shayne says:

    Boring bullying shit. What’s under a pony’s tail? An arsehole. He has both.

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