GRREN BOOKS: Photography 1.

Another green scrapbook.
This was what was floating my photography boat in the mid-nineties.

Green Book 2Green Book 3Green Book 4Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 13.38.04.pngGreen Book 6Green Book 7Green Book 8.jpgGreen Book 9Green Book 10Green Book 11Green Book 11Green Book 12Green Book 13Green Book 14Green Book 15Green Book 16Green Book 17Green Book 19Green Book 20Green Book 21Green Book 22Green Book 23Green Book 24Green Book 25Green Book 26Green Book 27Green Book 42*.jpgGreen Book 28Green Book 29Green Book 30Green Book 31Green Book 32Green Book 33Green Book 34*Green Book 35*Green Book 36*Green Book 37*Green Book 38*Green Book 39*Green Book 40*Green Book 41*.jpgGreen Book 43-Green Book 44-Green Book 45-Green Book 46-Green Book 47-.jpgGreen Book 48-.jpgGreen Book 50-.jpgGreen Book 49-.jpgGreen Book 50-.jpgGreen Book 51-.jpgGreen Book 52-.jpgGreen Book 54-.jpgGreen Book 55-.jpgGreen Book 58-.jpgGreen Book 56-.jpgGreen Book 57-.jpgGreen Book 59-.jpgGreen Book 60-.jpgGreen Book 61-Green Book 62-.jpgGreen Book 63-.jpgGreen Book 64-.jpgGreen Book 66-.jpgGreen Book 67-.jpgGreen Book 68-.jpgGreen Book 69-.jpgGreen Book 70-.jpgGreen Book 72-.jpgGreen Book 73-.jpgGreen Book 74-.jpgGreen Book 75-.jpgGreen Book 76-.jpgGreen Book 77-.jpgGreen Book 78-.jpgGreen Book 79-.jpgGreen Book 80-.jpgGreen Book 81-.jpgGreen Book 82-.jpgGreen Book 83-.jpgGreen Book 84-.jpgGreen Book 85-.jpgGreen Book 86-.jpgGreen Book 87-.jpgGreen Book 88-.jpgGreen Book 89-.jpgGreen Book 90-.jpgGreen Book 91-.jpgGreen Book 92-.jpgGreen Book 93-.jpgGreen Book 94-.jpgGreen Book 95-.jpgGreen Book 96-.jpg

3 responses to GRREN BOOKS: Photography 1.

  1. Rolph Gobits says:

    Great art direction and wonderful photography compared to what we see now in the media. All this work should be kept in a treasure box and kept safe for a future generation of students to study and learn from.

  2. This is a fantastic reminder of another world in which I use to live.It refreshes
    memories temporary forgotten.The mere site of these images ignites my passion for wonderful creativity.As dear Rolf says ( Hi to Rolf from me) shows us what wonder things we all did back then.

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