I find this whole Facebook situation really disappointing.
Sometimes you just have to do the right thing, regardless of cost. 

I mean, how much money do they need?
FACEBOOK: YOU HAVE A MARKET CAP OF $494bn, hire yourself a typographer!

I keep spotting my mate Dave, (a future podcast guest, when I can pin the fucker down), and at the bottom of the ads I’m reminded that overhanging punctuation hasn’t hit Facebook yet.
It got me thinking.
Maybe someone else out there hasn’t heard come across overhanging punctuation?
What other typography basics have Facebook been deprived of?
Who’s passing this stuff on?
So I thought I’d put down ten basic typography tips.
Actually, tips is overselling them; basics.
(I wonder whether Facebook’s market Cap is still at $494.82Bn?)



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  1. Jim Downie says:

    7 gazillion. I’d give them 7. That’s the trouble with too much choice. Too much shit typography. Pick 7 carefully and you’d never run out of ways to use them.

    • dave dye says:

      I think you’re right Jim, maybe I should’ve suggested them? Although ‘Eleven Top Type Tips’ doesn’t sound great. Dx

  2. Jonathan Aeberhard says:

    Great as ever Dave – many thanks. (FYI sp: ammount in point 3)

  3. jonathon hall says:

    Excellent work, thank you! Tyranny of the ‘!’ next please.

  4. Wooly Walnut says:

    Great post. I’m going to print each rule on a paving slab. Then the next time one of our designers breaks a rule, I’ll break that rule over their head. I’m sure HR will understand.

  5. Marc Wood says:

    Hey Dave, nice to see that ad guys are not only good at football but also typography… Joking apart, you have highlighted the declining standards of typesetting in social media. Perhaps the next topic could be: ‘the wrong uses of dashes: know your hyphens and en-dashes from your em-dashes’. Design guy Marc.

  6. Nick George says:

    The first awards do I went to in Australia, was The Caxton’s. They are the print awards. There were many press and poster ads on display and all of them used the same two fonts: Bembo or Franklin Gothic Condensed. Nothing else, that was it. Every ad looked the same. But then I looked around the signage in Sydney and it was all pretty much the same, a very limited range. But that was the Australian attitude of let’s not be fussy about this let’s just get the job done quickly and then go for a beer.

    I enjoyed quite a few beers, in Australia,

    (I should mention that I was tutored at TBWA as an art director sprog by that great typographer Nigel Dawson. Together we got the first ever Singapore Airlines ad into D&Ad, and that was for typography. 1984 annual).

  7. Rt says:

    Nice!!! looks like punctuation tripped up the headline to fall on its face.

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