PODCAST: Carlos Bayala.

My first South American.
One of the most thoughtful creatives I’ve come across.
We worked together for a bit at Mother and I loved that he was forever curious about what the people in the real world were thinking, would they give a shit about our little product or dumb ad?
Not surprisingly his new agency is different, its New.
That’s not a typo, that’s its name.
It’s also appropriate because he’s teamed up with a Rocket Scientist from… actually, not a rocket scientist, ‘a founding Faculty Director of MIT Connection Sciences’, similar, to me, (although ironically one of their clients are actual rocket scientists; NASA).
We had a great chat, in fact Beresford, our young recording engineer at Wave, came in afterwards to tell me it was his favourite one he’d done, hope you enjoy it too.


LEAGAS DELANEY. (1 month.)





Fernet 1882.

“We did this for 1882 Fernet.
We gathered what we thought were the best pictures of pet and animals with red eyes, (the classic unwanted effect), and we baptised this series ‘1882 possessed (or haunted) animals).
It was mad, we had loads of these pictures all over Cordoba City
It looked strange… and beautiful
No logo needed on most of them but a reminder here and there that this was a 1882 thing.
People loved/hated/complained/detested it, but no one doubted which brand was behind it.”

Molinos Rio De La Plata.


Commercial Aerlineas Argentinas.

Andes Origen.


13 responses to PODCAST: Carlos Bayala.

  1. seba wilhelm says:

    One of my heroes. Awesome creative. And one of the world’s most lucid thinkers of communication.

    • dave dye says:

      Totally agree Seba. Hope you enjoy our chat, I did. Dx

      • seba wilhelm says:

        I loved the podcast. It just needs editing, though!

      • dave dye says:

        Thanks Seba, glad you liked it.
        (I took out a 10 minute loo break and a discussion with the engineer, which is pretty good editing for me.)

  2. Dave Waters says:

    Top bloke. Could listen to him all day. In fact just have.

  3. Santi Trabucco says:

    Dave, thanks for this. As a Bayalian man, I really enjoy the hole interview. Cheers from Argentina. And keep on the good stuff.

    • dave dye says:

      Thanks Santi, there’s another Argentinian podcast on the way soon. Dx

  4. Carlos says:

    Loved Carlos’ wisdom, curiosity, passion and selfdeprecating bonhomie. Thanks for a great interview.

    • dave dye says:

      Thanks Carlos, yep, he was great, fun to record and als…Carlos? Hey Bayala, that’s not you bigging yourself up is it? Dx

  5. Diego says:

    Carlos Bayala is a great inspiration for me and every advertiser in Argentina. I would love to hear some advice to overcome frustration in this job, from a guy like him. Send him a big “thank you” from a random guy in argentina (Salta) who is trying to believe in his work. Love.

  6. Lolly says:

    Cheers Dave- fascinating to hear what makes the man tick- Carlos is one of the most inspirational people I have had the pleasure to work with

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