3 responses to WHAT I LIKED before I knew what I was SUPPOSED TO LIKE – Ben Kay

  1. Mum says:

    Thank you for that trip down some very memorable memories. Life in the Bavarian Forest was,indeed, boring. And I’d forgotten quite how scary the COI could be. It was the best of Times. It was the Worcester Times.

  2. Paul Grubb says:

    Blimey, Ben, where did you find that Double Decker ad??? I’ve been searching for those for ages, me and Dave Waters did those and I want them for my…er…reel 😀 Also, totally forgot about that fantastic Chewits ad, I would’ve used that too, but there were so many (naively) great ads to choose from. Loving these trips down memory lane, thanks Dave.

    • dave dye says:

      I’d have picked Chewits too Paul, if I’d remembered it.
      (It also caused me to get into a fight at school after, mimicking the ad, I called out to a big-boned lad in my class ‘Come back Chunk, come back!’, I think I hit a nerve.)

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