PODCAST: Dave Brown

When I put these blogs together I build up a file.
Work for every client goes into a file, that goes into the appropriate agency file, the agency are numbered so that they come chronologically.
It sounds a faff, it is a faff, but the only any way I can do it.
Anyway, the last file is generally ‘P.R’ – all the news clippings, interviews and pictures that the individual has accumulated over the years.
It helps me get a sense of the interviewee.
If you’ve lead an agency like CDP, I’d expect about 15 to 20 bits.
Dave’s contains this ad, in which he looks like he’s been forced at gun point into having his picture taken….

…and two articles at the end.
One of which isn’t about him, but he’s quoted in.
P.R. just isn’t his thing.
It’s why they call them ‘Ridley Scott’s Hovis commercials’ not Dave Browns.
Even though Dave wrote nine.
‘Hill’ gets all the headlines, but watch them all; they’re all great.
We had a lovely chat, hope you enjoy it. 



Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

Bankers Trust.


Ad Makeup.



Birds Eye.








Barclays Bank.

TV Licensing.





Parker Pens.

Collett Dickenson Pearce.


Gilbey’s Gin.

Royal Dutch Cigars.

Shredded Wheat.

Mr Sheen.

Newcastle Brown Ale.

Smith Jones Brown Cassie.

Yoplait. (Writer, Art Director & Director).

Royal National Institute for the Deaf.

Trivial Pursuit.

Sun Pat.



6 responses to PODCAST: Dave Brown

  1. Nick Cohen says:

    Such a joy to see this work. It was my advertising education.

  2. Keith Bickel says:

    Dave very kindly looked after me at CDP when I was on placement from college. Even drove me to a shoot for Trebor Refreshers out in the burbs in his shiny black BMW. He let me have Ron Collins big corner office as he was away on holiday for two weeks. (I also had John Webster’s office when I was on placement at BMP but he returned from holiday early and found me sitting at his desk 🙂 x

    • Dave always tried to help the youngsters. I remember going to see him at CDP and when I stepped out of the lift on the creative floor he was standing there with Frank Lowe having a proper barney. Dave smiled at me, ushered me into his office and calmly went through my book. A proper gent.

  3. Tim Ashton says:

    Dave, this is fantastic. A hugely talented and humble man. Keep them coming please.

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