PODCAST: Dave Hieatt.

Since he quit advertising, Dave has had a big effect on it.
First, with Howies.
His mail order catalogues built up more than customer base, they built up a fan base.

They were, and still are, traded on Ebay.
Not for their clothing, for their vibe; that decent feel-good, smart, happy, moral life is for living, do the right thing voice. (Dave: Did I miss anything?)
Their writing and ideas were ripped them off mercilessly by ad agencies, constantly being used as reference for tone of voice or stimulus for manifestos… or just used.
One agency I used to work for copied and pasted one of Dave’s pieces to use as a manifesto for a pitch.
They won, but lost it a few weeks later when client found his shiny, new manifesto in an old Howies catalogue. 
Howies was admired by the guys from Innocent, they visited Dave (and his wife Claire), for advice on setting up a business and building a brand.
To me, that whole Innocent vibe, which was also copied and ripped off, was totally ‘inspired’ by Howies.
I’m guessing they were also ‘inspired’ by Howies practice of printing random messages on their clothing, inside a pair of jeans you may stumble across ‘I stink, wash me’ or underneath the washing instructions on your t-shirt might be ‘Buy land, they’re not making it anymore’.
Since he left Howies, Dave & Claire have continued to give ad agencies stimulus and reference material via the Do Lectures, Hiut Denim and Do Books.

I had a great chat with Dave, hope you enjoy it. 

Capital Radio. (Trade).


A great example of distling.
The idea first ran like this…
Then it was edited down to it’s essence, making it louder, more engaging and more powerful.

Dave does double-denim.
Proving his love of denim goes back a long way.

Jazz FM.

Early Roughs.

Again, a great bit of editing/distilling.
The idea was presented like this…
Here’s my guess, (I’ve no evidence to support this), but I’m guessing Tim Delaney circled the most powerful bit on the poster above with his biro; ‘There’s your ad’.
Bingo – Better ad.

A campaign I did with Dave, never ran.
Although the ‘LIFE. For a limited period only’ came back as a Howies T-Shirt ten years later.

Detlef Schrempf.


Ordnance Survey.

Welsh Development Agency.


The Economist.
Aa idea shown to David Abbott, David’s suggested amendment is scribbled on it.
The Economist:It's Good:Dave Hieatt:David Abbott:AMV.jpgThe Economist:It's Good:Dave Hieatt:AMV.jpg

Delta Airlines.Aer Lingus.

British Telecom.
BT:Ever Wondered:Dave Hieatt:AMVBT:For Some:Dave Hieatt:AMVBT:Maybe You:Dave Hieatt:AMVBT:Mum Spent:Dave Hieatt:AMVBT:Remember:Dave Hieatt:AMVBT:You Always:Dave Hieatt:AMV

One cool thing Dave did with Howies was to print messages inside the garments, probably the result of  being a copywriter and wanting his words out there?
My favourite was ‘I stink, wash me’.
(This is pre-Innocent bottles.)

Early, home-made ads.Howies:Human Race:Dave Hieatt:AMVHowiesPeople.jpgHowies:They Say:Dave Hieatt:AMV
A great project done with Carter Wong; recycling old wardrobes using new illustrators.

Some ads Dave sourced from the AMV creative department.
Howies:Bench:Dave Hieatt:AMVHowies:CCTV:Dave Hieatt:AMVHowies:No Skating:Dave Hieatt:AMV
When I started DHM, Howies was our first client, it didn’t make us rich, but it made the creative department happy.

It started with some lectures in a cowshed.

The positive, can-do vibes from the lectures caught fire on social media.

Now those thoughts and philosophies are taking over or bookshops.








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