PODCAST: Me (Pt.2)

When I interviewed Sir Alan Parker he kept saying ‘take that out, take this out!’.
I tried to explain that these ads were part of his journey, they shed a little light on his journey from the mailroom to Hollywood.
He was having none of it ‘I’m a less is more guy, you’re a more is never enough guy’.
He’s right, well, in terms of ads I’m definitely a less is more, but in terms of the blog, interviewing people in particular, I’m absolutely a more is never enough type.
I don’t want to show ten perfect pieces of work to prove how unflatteringly brilliant people are, I want it to be human, I want warts ‘n’ all, because that’s how you learn.
‘You learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes’ is a cliché for good reason; it’s true.
I’d loved to have shown more mistakes for that very reason, a tv campaign Sean and I did at BMP for Scoot in particular would’ve been useful, but couldn’t I find it, (if anyone out there has a copy ping it over and I’ll include it, or write a separate post on it).
But I found a LOT of stuff, so Sir Alan, if you’re looking…turn away now!


(Not an agency, a period of freelance between CDD and DHM, half spent at Fallon working with Matt Keon, half at The Redbrick Road with Paul Silburn.)
A brief from my mate Mark Denton; ‘We’ve printed thousands of these books on Mexican wrestlers, we need some ads to shift them.’


(Which became the much cooler-sounding DHM, then, for about twenty minutes, Hello People.)









The last year has been divided between clients I consult with direct and projects for American agencies.
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  1. Dave says:

    Epic. Even the three minutes you went off for a slash was kind of amusing.

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