PG TIPS: Encounters with Monkey.

Over the last couple of months I’ve had quite a bit of feedback from colleges; ‘Do more posts that go through the decision making process, we like them best’. It’s flattering that the colleges are using my blog, but weird for me, because if I’ve got the choice of interviewing say…Dave Trott or talking about why I picked Futura over Baskerville or preferred the word kerfuffle more than brouhaha, I’d choose the former every time. But I’m going to try and post a fewRead more

Hands up who’s heard of ART KANE?

After spending time studying atCooper Union, dodging bullets in WW2, then studying at Cooper Union again, Art Kane took various jobs as a junior designer. At 26 he was made art director at Seventeen magazine, at the time it made him the youngest art director of a major magazine in New York.  A few years later he started studying photography after work at The New School, under the most admired magazine art director in the world;  Alexey Brodovitch. He taught Kane and many others, including RichardRead more