I bet there were few takers for the 1966 National Library Week brief amongst DDB New York’s creative department. Because the previous year Charlie Piccirillo had produced the definitive ad. It looks so simple and innocent. But try ignoring it. Or forgetting it. It’s impossible. It makes you think about books and libraries in a new way, without big dramatic photos or imaginative colourful drawings, using only the very product it’s promoting; the alphabet. Whilst interviewing a couple of guys from that sixties creative department I stumbledRead more

B&H, Part 2: The surreal years.

I used to walk past this poster every week for about a year. I was fifteen, my Art teacher had got hold of a life size billboard poster, a 48 sheet, or I should say 48 sheets. It was twenty or thirty foot long, and papered the entire corridor that lead to our classroom. We were all bemused by it at first, just a close-up of an electric circuit board? weird? Was it even an ad? Then we found the gold pack-shot.Read more