INTERVIEW: Jeremy Sinclair.

Occasionally, very occasionally, a client will ask me advice on how they should judge their advertising. It’s easy to tell a terrible ad from a great one, but it’s rare to have such a big gap between ideas. A more likely comparison be trying to assess average against quite good? good against great? Some creative people will advise that ‘If it’s right, you’ll feel it in your gut’. Sometimes true, but not really helpful. I tend to give them a copy of the page above.Read more

Is the world turning?

I risk sounding like a bad planner here. At least he ones that make  a trend out of a coincidence. Over the last decade I’ve watched creativity in advertising shift. Simplicity used to be king. It was the mountain all creatives attempted to scale. All over the globe you’d find creatives giving themselves aneurysms by trying to tell stories using as few words and pictures as possible. ‘Minimum means, maximum meaning’ as the great Abram Games put it. Why? Simple stands out more than complicated.Read more