Remember house ads?

Not for the first time, a tweet by Richard Shotton got me thinking – ‘A rare example of an ad agency advertising themselves well’. (It showed an old Fallon McElligott house ad.) When was the last time I saw an agency advertising itself? I couldn’t think of one. It’s a shame, because as well as helping clients get a sense of an agency, house ads were a great way for people like me to a snapshot of the culture within theRead more

Hands up who’s heard of Jeanloup Sieff?

Cultural trends are difficult to spot when you’re in the middle of them. They look like ‘normal’, it’s only with the benefit of distance can you join the dots. It’d be useful to recognise current trends because generally they are followed by the polar opposite. In fashion, plain is likely to be followed by pattern, natural by synthetic, subtle by loud. When type was set on film and photographic paper, Art Directors and Designers were obsessed with sharpness, because perfectionRead more