Know all the angles.

Imagine these pictures: 1. A baby lying down. 2. A group of men talking. 3. A broken down car. 4. A Policeman on the street. 5. A girl skipping. 6. A kid playing marbles. Most people would imagine them something like this. Mid-shots. Side on. With the main object in the middle of the frame. Almost in 2D, a bit like a diagram. It’s hard to imagine pictures from other angles. Even harder to draw them. So most layouts start life a sRead more


The third and last post on Lester Bookbinder, unless by some miracle I get to interview him. If I thought finding the pictures was tough that was nothing compared to finding the words. But here’s what I’ve managed to discover. a) He was born in New York City in 1929. b) He trained with the photographer Reuben Samberg. c) He opened his own studio in 1955. d) He moved to London in 1959. e) Long before the New York Police Chief Bill Bratton started talkingRead more