GREEN BOOKS: Dave Hieatt

This book was glued and cellotaped together before Hiut Denim, The Do Lectures, Do Books and Howies were even a glint in Dave’s eye.It’s nearly 30 years old.But it’s so them.It features the same ingredients that shine through those companies today – humanity, ecology, wit, positivity, a wide-eyed curiosity and a kind of folksy down home vibe.In fact, if you wanted to make a Dave Hieatt pie, here’s the recipe book.Read more


I’m not a big fan of ‘BRAND PURPOSE’. It seems to replace specific reasons for buying a product with generic claims that aren’t even specific to the product category, let alone the product. It leads companies to make claims that make them seem nuts. Charcoal insoles that ‘stop sneakers from smelling’ get elevated to ‘Creators of a nose-friendly planet’. If you can’t say it to someones face without feeling embarrassed, don’t say it. ‘DISRUPTION’ is another popular word. But it’s a $10Read more