INTERVIEW: Joe Sedelmaier.

Of all the reels I’ve been shown over the years, I can think of only two that made such an impression I can still remember where I was shown them. The first was in Director Nick Lewin’s office, that was Howard Zieff’s reel. The second was in the boardroom of a small agency I used to work for called Edwards Martin Thornton, that was yours. Howard Zieff was terrific. When I was starting out he was already doing great work,Read more

IN-CAMERA 7: Phil Marco.

‘Naturalistic’. It’s the vogue in photography at the moment, images that feel almost user-generated; clashing colours, lens flare, areas out of focus, etc, etc. It’s a kind of anti-style. I think there are two reasons for its current popularity; 1: Trust. In a world full of the kooky, unprofessional, fresh imagery you find on your various Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, something very polished can feel like marketing. And marketing, as most of us know, is trying to sell you something. So ‘unprofessional’ canRead more

INTERVIEW: H before BB, (John Hegarty).

I joined the business in 1985. The best agency seemed to be Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Every year ever since they’ve been in the top five, sometimes they’ve been in the top one. Their success has been very well documented, what did Sir John did before that hasn’t been. So… Where were you brought up? I was born in North London, although at that point Edgware wasn’t in London, it was in Middlesex, which doesn’t exist anymore. My family was living inRead more