Hands up who’s heard of HOWARD ZIEFF?

Amongst the 100 top selling albums last year were 8 dead singers, (Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Roy Orbison, Amy Winehouse, and David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Leonard Cohen), 5 dead bands, (The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Abba, Queen, Oasis), and 19 greatest hits albums of music recorded in the last century. It wasn’t always this way. The introduction of the Compact Disc changed music buying habits from only buying the latest release to buying music from any point in history. Video and DVDRead more


Discounting premium products can be risky. It can take decades to build up a premium positioning for a brand, to give their products a value beyond the materials and man hours that have gone into their making. Once you start discounting you risk making it feel less special, because people know that, generally, products get discounted because they aren’t selling, if they aren’t selling it must be because nobody wants them. MERCEDES-BENZ PROBLEM: A stock-pile of C-Class Sports Coupe’s. They decidedRead more

PODCAST: Neil French.

Former rent collector, bull-fighter, porn director, klacker salesman, Judas Priest manager, account man, copywriter, art director and Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Worldwide. (Warning: Some areas of the recording may have been adversely effected by a rioja.) BLACKER HYDE ASSOCIATES Ltd. An early Neil French concept. HOLMES KNIGHT RITCHIE. L.E.C. Glenmorangie. The Daily Express.   Ideal Homes.   Pioneer. Tefal.   Dyno-Rod.   BATEY SINGAPORE. Singapore Airlines. THE BALL PARTNERSHIP. Beck’s Beer. I.D.S. XO Beer.   Continental Airlines. The SundayRead more

Hands up who’s heard of Satoshi Saikusa?

I came across these images the other day, it turned out to be the work of artist Satoshi Saikusa. When worked on Adidas I was constantly on the hunt for photographers, we were shooting athletes from all over the world on a regular basis, and trying to shoot them in a way that was distinctive and own-able was the goal. Satoshi was always top of my list. Unfortunately, for either financial, timing or simply clients feeling he was too exotic,Read more

AUTISM TRUST: Have a goal.

‘Would you mind helping a friend of mine?’ I would’ve helped anyway, but the fact that it was Peter Mead asking meant I couldn’t really refuse, he’d delivered business and wise counsel at my previous agency in return for little more than the odd cheese sandwich. ‘Her name’s Polly Tommey, she used to be our receptionist’ A few days later Polly called, she talked about needing a poster a charity she’d set up; Autism Trust. The following week she came inRead more

Hands up who’s heard of Robert Freson?

GOD’S LIGHT. It’s what photographers call daylight. It was Freson’s light source of choice. It’s obviously less controllable than other forms of lighting but the results can be magical. It can can give people a luminous, spiritual glow. At a time when so many briefs are to make the people in front of the camera look real, authentic and believable, it’s odd that we generally drain the colour from the image, add filters or use artificial lighting. Go through Robert’sRead more