Hands up who’s heard of JANE TRAHEY?

Fashion advertising isn’t like regular advertising. Attitude is as important as the ‘idea’. The photographer can more important than the writer. What you say is less important than how you say it. The font is often more important than the argument. And the gut is definitely more important than the head. It’s a odd world. Paul Smith is rumoured to have been on the lookout for an agency for decades. Organising endless chemistry meetings every couple of years, but never appointing anRead more


“Of all the directors we worked with, the name of Lester Bookbinder caused the deepest breath. No detail was beyond his eagle eye. On a square foot basis, his sets were by far the most expensive and time consuming to make. One of his tricks was to direct a carbon arc light across the set to highlight any imperfection, and woe betide if found any were found. To have him walk on set on the morning of the shoot andRead more