MEN OF LETTERS: Dave Wakefield.

I’ve been sitting on this interview for a while now. To be precise, it was done at the same time as the Kit Kat poster we did together; ‘Washout’. That was created for the festival season, so what’s that? Six months ago? I haven’t posted it because Dave has been ill, very ill. I’ve been waiting to tell I’m posting it, it seems impolite not to. So I’ve been waiting. I checked on Dave today, unfortunately, he’s had another set back.Read more

PODCAST: Peter Souter

My 7th boss. Former hitch-hiker. copywriter. Frankenstien re-animator. ECD. David Abbott replacement. D&AD President. Sitcom creator. Radio 4 drama writer. Showaddywaddy singer’s cousin. DELANEY FLETCHER DELANEY. South West Thames Regional Cancer Organisation. WOOLAMS MOIRA GASKIN O’MALLEY. Eurax. Tri-Ac. WCRS. Lunn Poly. Lego. Electricity Privatisation.         ABBOTT MEAD VICKERS. R.S.P.C.A. British Telecom.     The Economist. Volvo.   D&AD. Pizza Hut.     Sainsbury’s. Nicorette. The Queen Elizabeth Foundation For Disabled People. CREATIVE DIRECTOR. Make Poverty History. Guinness.Read more