THE WOMEN WHO BUILT DDB, 8: The Copywriters

‘Truly original creative work doesn’t tend to win awards.’ – John Hegarty. He’s right of course, (he is, after all, John Hegarty). It not only means that great work didn’t get the recognition it deserved back in the day, it means it’s not on the record for people like me to check today. Because awards annuals are the only reliable place to check who did what when. I’ve grouped the people in this post because they had far fewer entriesRead more

GREEN BOOKS: New Yorker Ads 2.

These ads from 1960’s copies of The New Yorker are weird. They’re just so, well, New Yorker ads from the sixties. As evocative of their era as a Blockbuster membership cards and the sound of fax machines were of theirs. That’s not a criticism, some are great. But it’s striking just how different they feel. So different that it got me thinking why and what unifies them? 1: $’s. Look at the ads and you’ll notice that they have allRead more

AMERICAN AIRLINES: Hey, you never know?

  ‘Wanna do some 48 sheets? They’ll probably get rejected?’ Who could turn down an offer like that? 100% honest and also throwing down a challenge. BMP/DDB used to adapt American Airlines work dreamt up in the States,  simply making their ideas fit our quirky British poster sizes. But the feeling in the agency, was that we should at least offer to do creative work occasionally, if only to justify the fees. So here was one such offer, who knows it mightRead more