CHANNEL 5: Under-claiming.

Subject:’IMPORTANT!!’ I didn’t recognise the name of the sender, let’s call her Nadia Johnson. What could it be? What have I missed? Is it the bank? Tax office? Maybe it’s something good? A publisher with a huge cheque wanting to turn this blog in to a book? What could it be? Should I be worried? Excited? Turned out ‘Nadia’ was a student looking for a job. So it was a kind of trick. I guess Nadia thought that if she put ‘IMPORTANT!!’ in theRead more

ADIDAS: Rough Vs Polished?

I used to work with a very smart writer called Alastair Wood. One thing he said left a lasting impression on me; ‘None of my proofs are as good as the roughs’. I realised it was a common complaint amongst writers. Ideas, when first expressed have an energy, vitality and humanity, because people only write or draw the key elements. There’s no fat. The process of bringing ideas to life often kills them. Firstly, because it’s easy to get seduced by hotRead more