I few months back I recorded a podcast with Richard Shotton, one of the brightest people in the business. Whilst preparing I read Richard’s book, The Choice Factory, it’s great, full of fascinating insights and observations on human behaviour and how we respond to marketing. Whilst taking in all this intelligent insight an interesting theory occurred to me; why don’t we just create ads that people like? Granted, it’s no theory of relativity, but it’s odd that it’s barely aRead more

Is the world turning?

I risk sounding like a bad planner here. At least he ones that make  a trend out of a coincidence. Over the last decade I’ve watched creativity in advertising shift. Simplicity used to be king. It was the mountain all creatives attempted to scale. All over the globe you’d find creatives giving themselves aneurysms by trying to tell stories using as few words and pictures as possible. ‘Minimum means, maximum meaning’ as the great Abram Games put it. Why? Simple stands out more than complicated.Read more